Impulse Wave, DJ / Producer, named Erick Jovan, was born on June 26, 1994, State of Mexico.
At age 14 Erick began to take an interest in electronic music. He had his main experience as a DJ at a club called "The Last Night".
He spent a time where he only dedicated himself to be a DJ, but a year later he was also interested in producing his own songs, within the trance and electro house genre.
Time after having improved its form of production, it was accepted in the seal "GRAY LION RECORDS"
where he released his first electro house temo titled "C'MON" which is available in all virtual stores. Soon after, he became interested in being part of a "TRANCE" gender label where
accepted with his song "BEYOND HEAVEN" 2nd label signed "JUMPERS RECORDINGS", using a euphoric Trance sound. I will not continue to upgrade in TECH TRANCE, where your first single
was supported by "DMAX RECORDINGS", titled "TK2T".