Fisical Project

Fisical Project is a young Spanish Producer born in Granada. He found in electronic music a true way of expressing his most deep feelings, and It was in 2010 when He begun to discover that Trance is what He really loves most within electronic music. In 2013 He started trying to produce his own sounds as if It where like a game that really enjoyed every day. It was at the end of the same year when he competed in a Armada Music's contest. Quite unexpected for him, He got in the top 40 what gave him strenght and determination to keep producing and developing as a Trance artist. Although He have already released some tracks in a german label, It would not be until the 26th of May 2014 when he found himself. It was beacuse on that date he released toghether with San Lopez their first track called "Rising Star". During the years the young boy from Granada has been trying different sounds and getting support from famous international DJs. For example Paul van Dyk that played three times in Vonyc Sessions his son with Hamza Khammessi pres. Venus "The Key of Life “ and two times “The Killer” a collaboration with Aldo Henrycho. Other great Djs from who He got support were Giuseppe Ottaviani, Sied van Riel, Mike Push, John Askew, Mark Sherry, Dj Feel, Roger Shah, and many more. He recently signed with Rielism, the record label of Sied de Riel, forming part of one of the best record labels of the trance scene, such as Black Hole Recordings. Other successes, by him have been to be top # 3 in Kiss Fm Ukraine with "Temptation" a collaboration with Oldfix.