Hailing from the North East of England Si Whelan has been a part of the strong trance following in the area for many years. Si had been fond of trance music since the mid 90’s and had his first taste as a clubber at the legendary Promise at Foundation in the early 00’s. He quickly became a regular at many events up and down the country including Gatecrasher in Sheffield and the mighty Goodgreef events at super club Tall Trees. It wasn’t until 2008 that Si decided it was time to see the other side of the turntables and has been lucky enough to dj at many great events, most notably trance giant Digital Society, as well as being a Goodgreef regular.
Ever searching for that next step Si began to teach himself the basics of music production, and with the help of some friends has managed to get his knowledge to a level he feels happy enough with to begin sharing his sounds with club crowds. Si favours a tough uplifting style of trance and this is evident in his debut tracks ‘Offset’, signed to Aria Digital, and the forthcoming ‘Trinity’. With many more tracks and productions to follow, Si is intent on making his mark on the trance scene significant.