Was born in 1987. Familiarity with electronic music began in 1997,with such groups as Scooter and Prodigy.In 1999 first heard and was realy inspired by ATB,Paul Van Dyk,Blank & Jones.They subsequently influenced the love of music and trance in particular.In 2010 there was the first attempts to do music, but because of the fact that time is not enough, nothing came of it. 2013 - the year was marked by the admission to the courses of DJing.Finished with success.In 2014 became the representative of promo-group ClubLife Promotion and T.L.N. Promotion, oriented on Psytrance and Full on.Within this there was several perfomances in clubs,open airs and private parties.In the same year became one of the organizers of promo group Satan Promo,oriented on organisation of perfomances by local groups in Dark Psy style and Forest style of music (but then left it).It gaves such a big experience in organizing and conducting events with the participation of local projects, and celebrities. 2016 will mark the start of production and releases his own tracks and remixes