Chris SX is a Producer | Deejay | Remixer from South Germany. After several years deejaying and releasing tracks with different Projects it was time to do something new. 2012 was the beginning to push his own name in the music scene. With his driving force, the passion for music, Chris will destroy dancefloors and deliever fresh and new Music.

Chris SX started his career as deejay in the late 90′s, when he was very young. With his great ability he travelled through countries like Germany, Switzerland, Italy,… to play his music in the clubs and festivals like Trance.Mission, Rave Culture, Clubtraxx and many more. Chris is really keen on music and technology since he was a very young guy and after some years of deejaying he started producing his own tracks. With the first Single ‘Illuminate’ he entered the Swiss Top 20 Dance Charts and only some months later, he topped the Chart position with his Remix for ‘Seikos – Gotta get up’ by climbing up to Position 5. Chris is the Producer of many tracks, both under his own name and under different pseudonym, like M.A.S.T.E.R., Tiberiun Sun and many more. And he is also requested as a remixer of course. With the start of 2013 Chris began his new adventure. Music is always on the move, so Chris decided to go to the next level and push his real name in the Scene. The first tracks under his new Alias are ready to damage the dancefloors. During his dj sets, he always focuses his attention on the dancefloor and he loves to play extended dj-sets in order to build up better the atmosphere of the performance and let everybody live a special experience. With his keyboards besides the DJ Set-Up, he is creating unique DJ Sets and gives well-known Tracks a new touch. His sound comes from the very trancy and melodic side of Trance and goes to the more progy and electro-trance side. But Chris does not care about musical boundaries. If it works on the dancefloors – go and play it!