Cristian Argese, in art Chris Raynor was born in Turin in 1981 and as he was growing up his passion for music grew, affirming itself fully at the age of 13.
His best friend who was a few years older than Chris helped him to find out about the EDM scene (Electronic Dance Music - the alternative dance music scene, which was then composed of techno, mediterranean, progressive; and trance to a lesser extent) and as a result of this, with time Chris began to mix for himself.

Fascinated by the possibility of being able to express himself through music, Chris began his musical journey in 2000, becoming the resident DJ in a relatively famous Techno Club in Turin just a year later.

From 2003 onwards, Chris began to play in various clubs in Italy, such as:

2004/2005 Winter season “Privé Afrodite” @ Club Due (Cigliano-Vercelli)

2004/2005 Le Saline (Oristano- Sardinia) (as guest)

2005/2006 winter season with staff Remida @ “Ultimo Impero” (Cuneo)

2006 Summer “Privé Monella” @ Privilege (Airasca-Turin)

2007 “Trance Lovers” @ Studio 15 (Noventa di Piave-Venice) (as guest)

The need to find new impulses, for the sake of a continuous evolution, gave life to the foundation of a new movement at the beginning of 2007 called T.T.M. - "Turin Trance Movement" which created TRANCE in PROGRESS parties (where Chris is resident DJ) with the goal to represent all the fervent people who, like the founders themselves, are constantly following the path of Trance sonorities.

Notorius (Turin)
Docks dora (Turin)
Trance Gate (Milan) (as guest)
Puin (Pignone-La Spezia) (in collaboration with Duplè Staff)
Sundance Music Festival (Biella-Turin)
Parhasar (Trofarello-Turin)
Domina (Toirano- Savona)
Chalet (Turin)
First One Festival @ Florida (Ghedi-Brescia)
Pier (Turin)
E-Mission @ Florida (Ghedi-Brescia)
Nuclear Rave @ Diagonal (Turin) (as guest)
IN*TO*NATION 2008/2009 (Airasca-Turin)
Amanecer (Santena-Turin)
Odeon (Sanremo-Imperia)
Big Club (Turin)
Top Club (Turin)

Nowadays Chris works as a freelance DJ in varous clubs, and also works for a few radio stations such as:

Digital Mind Radio (U.S.A.): every sunday evening from ten o’clock to midnight Chris Raynor presents “Galaxy of Trance”, his exclusive Uplifting Trance selection. Every first sunday of the month a new two
hours set that will be repeated the following sundays at the same time.

Schizoid Radio (India) an indian radio station on which Chris presents international exclusives of Goa and Psy Trance

In 2011 he joined the label INNOVATIVE MUSIC RECORDS (Italy), which publishes EP Deep Space and 2012 EP Beyond The Perception

- 2014
- Quasar (Original Mix) Vectiva Recordings (Germany)
- Kepler (Original Mix) D.Max Recordings (Germany)
- Orion (Original Mix) Trancefixion Digital (Canada)
- Nebula (Original Mix) Vectiva Recording (Germany)
- One Accident In Paradise EP - Nini Record (Italy)

- 2015
Parallel Dimension (Original Mix) Nini Record (Italy)

Chris has a passion for trance and fervently wants to share it with other people.

With his special abilities in mixing, Chris combines a selection of Electro, Progressive and Uplifting Trance which, mixed in his DJ-sets, set him apart from anyone else in style.