As the original creator of 'Energetic Emotional Trance', the Italian virtuoso that is Emanuele Congeddu has quickly established himself as a rising force of talent within the entire Uplifting Trance community. Throughout his young career, he has gained support from iconic Uplifting leaders such as Aly & Fila, Roger Shah ,Dj Feel ,Ahmed Romel, Manuel Le Saux and Pedro del Mar, and his fluent mastery between beautiful Orchestral themes and colossal basslines combine his signature Uplifting sound with enough power and depth to dominate large scale events. With multiple releases on Blue Soho, Vital Soho,Abora Recordings AEZ Recordings,Diverted Music his undying love of Trance has struck deep into the hearts of many die hard Trance fans.
Emanuele kicked off his production career in 2011 when his first laid his ears upon Simon O'Shine's vivacious single, Miss U, and was instantly enthralled by its spirited harmonies and vibrant textures. Later, after he discovered the talents of Andy Blueman, Soundlift and Arctic Moon, his fiery aspirations for music eventually convinced him to begin his professional career. However, his desire to forge his own artistic path sparked the inspiration to incorporate the power of Tech Trance within his own melodies, which inadvertently sowed the seeds for his own creative genre entitled 'Energetic Emotional Trance'. In his own words, his music, "is an experiment; a fusion of Uplifting Trance with deep, emotional melodies that's interwoven between gleaming layers of pure energy".

In the future, he is set on perfecting his euphoric Uplifting style while continuously incorporating vividly detailed sound environments within his future projects. His emotional depth towards his appreciation of life continues to invoke the minds of many passionate fans who seek his music as an escape from reality towards pure, musical discovery.