Alex van ReeVe – born 23rd July 1985 in Konin (Poland). He has had passion for electronic music since 1998 and fallen in love with trance music, especially its uplifting side. He describes his style as explosive mixture of progressive melodies, tech-sounds and uplifting energy.

Already as a thirteen-year-old boy Alex discovered the magic of the electronic music which became for him a completely different dimension. Initially he was interested in heavy sounds like techno, hardstyle or gabba but ultimately he has his heart to Trance music. The uniqueness of this genre he does not describe by means of numerous adjectives but impressions and sensations. He gave vent to those incredibly strong feelings through DJ'ing which became his passion in 2005. This artist definitely prefers uplifting trance however, it does not mean that he closes himself to other subgenres like progressive or tech. On the contrary, in his broadcast everybody can find something interesting.

In 2013 Alex decided to go one step further. His first track produced with Mike van Fabio called 'Skyliner' was supported by the master himself, Mr. Armin van Buuren during ASOT638/639/642. Numerous supports from artists like Photographer, Jorn van Deynhoven, Matt Bukovski, Sean Tyas, Manuel Le Saux, Temple One, James Dymond and many more only proved that Alex van ReeVe is a new face on the trance scene.

'Natalie', a track dedicated for Alex's fiancee Natalia was produced with the master of orchestral music Mr. Geert Huinink, which turned out to be a "Celebration of Love" in the end. The track was played during ASOT665 and the listeners crowned it with the title of "Future Favorite". It's no wonder that Armin van Buuren signed this track on his Who's Afraid Of 138?! label (Armada Music).