Though trance was still in a rather minimal stage during the beginning of
the second half of the 90s, Alex held on and started producing some of his
first tracks ever. The first single under his "Alex M.O.R.P.H." guise was
born, carrying the title "Paysages". Wagonloads of tunes in different
styles followed. One of his first collaborations was done together with
Ralf Merle, with whom he created the Badlands project. "Let Them Know" hit
followed up by two more tunes.Right at the start of the new millennium,
Alex found himself a definite home for a lot of his future productions:
Clubbgroove Records! With experienced label-manager Woody van Eyden looking
after him, he started to craze the minds of thousands of trance fans by
bringing classic after classic. Together with his production mates Markus
Welt and Ralf Merle, he launched the M.O.R.P.H. name. First up was
"Supernova", but the real buzz started when "Maximum Overdrive" started to
get plays from loads and loads of jocks