Ciro Visone

Ciro Visone is a trance, progressive and house producer born in October 1978. His musical roots started
in the early 90’s, when he bought his first electronic drum machine - a Roland tr 909.

After this, Ciro fell in love with electro musical artists like Alan Parson, Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk. In the 90’s he improved his knowledge, listening to artists like Solarstone, Altitude and Gouryella. During this period he experimented with the first musical programs for pc, using an ATARI and various ROLAND instruments.

Today he is a strongly skilled musical professional -competent in most of the musical genre's - His favourite being trance music, including uplifting-epic trance, progressive and electro musica.

In collaboration with classical composers and his sister Rita, aka “Wrinkled Dogs”, he produces soundtracks, jingles, lounge, trance, house, and new-classic music.

Today, his sounds are played all around the World and he has received full support from all the big DJ's of the trance scene.

In addition to all of this, he is the proud owner of his own production and mastering company - where he works with and develops the sound of many upcoming producers in the trance scene.