Hailing from Basel, Switzerland - Wohlgy is a producer with a very interesting and promising background. He approaches his music with an indie-sensibility and incorporates this into his productions with the use of his guitar.

As a teenager, Wohlgy was fascinated by rock, metal and fusion bands, first playing in some of the bands in his area before taking up the production of dance music. From early on in his musical career, electronic samples grabbed his attention, experimented with recording techniques and building his songs through the use of synths and drum samples.

After listening to Gothic, EBM, Industrial and Future-Pop music through his headphones, he went to his first Techno event and began to experience rave culture. The urge to produce music for the dance-floor came as a natural consequence.

With his roots in rock and EBM, the way Wohlgy approaches his productions is simple:
“It's all about having the right vibes and emotions. The music has to deliver – it has to be strong, melodic, occasionally heavy, if necessary melancholic and go straight to your soul”.