As a dance music artist and producer, Bissen has had a slew of original and remix releases over the last 3 years, that have averaged about one per month. These records have been released on some of the biggest, most desired and well-respected labels in the business, including Discover, A State of Trance (Armada) and Boxer. Starting with his breakthrough records "Exhale" and "Quicksand" in 2007, Bissen has had a meteoric rise through the ranks of dance music producers, and is now well-established in the producer elite.
Always in pursuit of a fist-pumping, "all systems go" attitude, Bissen's sound exhibits an effective blend of tough, hard beats and grooves, coupled with memorable, huge melodic riffs and hooks, exemplified perfectly in tracks such as "Exhale" and "The Vault." Never forgetting that this music is intended for dancefloors and not armchairs, Bissen delivers impeccably produced, proper huge tunes that are unpretentious and have lasting impacts on clubgoers and DJs alike