John Dopping

John Dopping cares about music to a fault. Amongst a genre that often only applauds loudness, regurgitation and broad brush strokes, he values diversity, quality and nuance. Having mastered the xylophone before he was conceived, he soon began to nurture an academic fascination with the nature of sound, His ambition is to compose with intricacy and to engineer with precision. With early recognition from Borderline’s founder, Activa, John released his debut artist album ‘Words In Colour’ on the label in 2014. The album has since been re-released by Discover Records in 2017.

In the last two years John has remixed for Paul Oakenfold, DJ Yahel and Airwave, worked with Perfecto Fluoro, JOOF and Lost Language. His debut breakbeat EP, released with Beatman & Ludmilla’s ‘Ayra Recordings’ and entitled ’Shady & Hitch’ took the #1 breakbeat chart position at Beatport.

Since then, John has co-founded ‘Research & Development,’ a label & performance partnership with long-standing collaborator Alan Ruddick. He has written two EPs of original music for JOOF Recordings, performed twice for Luminosity events in Amsterdam and claimed a residency at Psyberia in Sheffield. Perhaps most perplexing is that, despite his continued cynicism about autobiographical hyperbole, he continues to write about himself in the third person for promotional purposes.


"Words In Colour" [Borderline / Discover]

"Trojan / Natural Selection" [Neom]
"Stuck / The Event" [JOOF]
"Shady & Hitch" [Ayra]
"Words In Colour / Basically" [Borderline]

John Dopping - The Greatest Story Ever Told [JOOF]
John Dopping - Unravel [Blacked Out]
John Dopping - The Truth [Research & Development]
John Dopping - Dissociate [Borderline]
Magnus & John Dopping - Introspection [Borderline]
Des McMahon & John Dopping - Outlaws [Play Me]
John Dopping & Ally Brown - For The Art [Borderline]
Peter Hulsmans & John Dopping - 42 [Discover]
John Dopping - Aryl [Borderline]
John Dopping - Armageddon [Borderline]
Andrew Candid & John Dopping - Polarise [Nu-Depth]
Andrew Candid & John Dopping - Savannah [Nu-Depth]
John Dopping - Cognition [DS-R]
John Dopping - Lemon [Defcon]
John Dopping - The Mind [DS-R]

Activa - Telic (John Dopping Strategy) [Discover]
Airwave - A Simple Day (John Dopping Vipassana) [JOOF]
You Are My Salvation - What Makes Us Human (John Dopping Evolution) [JOOF]
Hyper - Scream For Me (John Dopping Remix) [Ayra]
Mr. Box - Away (John Dopping Translation) [Sorcery]
Sloth - War Is Coming (John Dopping Prediction) [Blacked Out]
Thomas Datt - Across The Edge (John Dopping Void) [Discover]
John Dopping - The Truth (Research & Development Remix) [Research & Development]
Chris Voro - Penumbra (John Dopping Shadow) [Research & Development]
Paul Oakenfold - Ready Steady Go (John Dopping Inversion) [Perfecto]
Freesoup - We Who Have (John Dopping Redemption) [Lost Language]
Darkboy - Damage (John Dopping Shade) [Perfecto Fluoro]
Kristoffer Elmqvist - The Hunger Game (John Dopping Derivation)
John Dopping - Lemon (Dopping Recalibration) [Defcon 100]
Time Axis - Another Dare (John Dopping Encapsulation) [Sorcery]
Carl Crelin - Aspire (John Dopping Pursuit) [Sorcery]
Rory James - Quake (John Dopping Trigger) [Sorcery]
Peter Hulsmans - Possibility (John Dopping Rehabilitation) [Kill The Lights]
Rospy - Flying Time (John Dopping Alignment) [Sorcery]
Nyx - For All We Know (John Dopping Consideration) [Borderline]
Peter Hulsmans - Edge of Sanity (John Dopping Reflection) [Kill The Lights]
Activa - Sniper (John Dopping Headshot) [Discover]
Andrew Candid & John Dopping - Polarise [Nu-Depth]
Kristoffer Elmqvist feat. Christoffer Delfs & Lucy Whigham - We Were (John Dopping Impression) [DLA]
Will Atkinson - Side By Side (John Dopping Infliction) [Borderline]
Des McMahon - Autumn Air (John Dopping Remix) [Spellbinding]
Matt Laws - Professional Window (John Dopping Remix) [DLA]
Defcon Audio - Lost In You (John Dopping Remix) [Defcon]
AJ Hutch - Saint Marie (John Dopping Remix) [Resonate]
D:FOLT - Effects of Infinity (John Dopping Remix) [Spellbinding White]