Nick Callaghan and Will Atkinson

Hailing from Scotland, one of the worlds fastest growing countries for emerging EDM acts wee introduce to you one particular artist who is at the forefront of a ‘nu-breed’ of fresh talent within the UK, Nick Callaghan.
‘Nick Callaghan’ a naturally gifted young man who possesses a dual passion for both performance and music production from Glasgow, Scotland is a name that has quickly made an impact within the trance scene over the past few years. Nick’s passion for music has been at the forefront since a very young age. He picked up his first set of decks at the tender age of 13 and then began learning his hand on the production front at the early age of 18. After several years of educating himself in the art of music production, Nick has proven he is a true talent when creating electronic music by injecting a rush of blood-pumping, fire-infused music onto dance floors all over the world.