Bryn started out 5 years back, learning on the old fashioned 1210's, but soon as CDJ's landed on his doorstep, Bryn never looked back, banging out some driving hard trance, developing his technical skill, which is definalty noticed over the past year through his demos.With booking’s slowly arriving, Bryn is building his foundations within the hard dance scene and is definalty set to be a top contender for new blood of the year.
Aswell as Bryn Djing he also Produce’s with 7 tracks done in 2007 with 5 of them being released in 2008. 3 of them on Digital Assault and 2 on Pressence Recordings
2008 is set to be even better for the young man with stuido dates confermid with
Techinkal,Guyver, Sam Hudson,Michael Dow And Hopefully
Paul Maddox.
Bryns style speaks for itself from playing the softest trance to the driving hard house using his cdj’s and his djm800 to full use when playing out using all of the effects during his sets.

Amber D (Tidy girl DJ )
Bryn is one of the scenes