Activa - Paul van Dyk's Producer of the year 2008 Dj Mag Top 100 interview.

In a relatively short time since his first release on Somatic Sense, Rob Stevenson, better known as Activa, has been one of the most hard working producers in the Trance genre. He has created many new aliases such as Solar Movement, Mekk, Substate, Force One, Aira Force, CMR and Eluna to showcase the range of his production skills, while continuously developing the sound of his main Activa alias. Rob has appeared on the likes of Spinnin (Liquid), Discover, High Contrast, Black Hole, Enhanced, Somatic Sense and finally Paul van Dyk's mighty Vandit Records which has enabled him to push his way into the record boxes of the biggest names in the industry and receive their continuous support.